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My goal is to use my experience of 35 plus years in the Angus business to help make you successful.  That being the reason my motto is "Your success is my success."


Cattle Management (Consulting)

- Sales Manager
- 30 plus years preparing cattle and organizing sales
- Working with sales managers across the breed
- Private treaty sales of bulls, females, &                 embryos

- Caring for large quanity and quality herds.

- Herd Health

- Calving and weaning.

- Nutrition

- Breeding

Breeding (Consulting)

Genetic Matings (Consulting)

- 30 plus years as an A.I. technician

- International Embryo Technology School, Mississippi 

- 20 years of embryo experience combining the following:

    a.  Embryo transfer technician

    b.  Conventional Flush

    c.  IVF Aspirations

    d.  The biopsy of embryos for EPD enhancement

    e.  Ultra Sound technician

- 35 years of breeding and studying Angus genetics

- Knowledge of valued genetics for marketing

- Knowledge of EPD's and Genomic testing.

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