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  If you are interested in any of the sales or me managing your sale, please contact me, Joe 423-426-2986


* Sales Consulting
** Sales Manager

**  March 30th - Prime Time Influence Sale, TX 
*   April 8th - Southern Synergy Sale, GA  
**  April 15th - Fort Worth Angus Roundup, TX 
**  April 20th - Angus Top 1% Genetics Sale, TN
**  April 29th - C&K Acres and Harvey Angus Genetics Opportunity Sale, TX
*   April 22nd - Angus Celebration Sale, AL 
*   April 22nd - Optum Angus Genetics of the Future 
Sale, OH 
** May 2nd - TOP 
1% Angus Genetics Sale, TN
** May 12th - GDD Combined Forces Sale, MO

** May 18th - Colorado Buck's Dream Catcher Cattle Sale, TX
** August 26th - Gateway To Excellence Sale, MO
** September 7th - Grassy Knoll Ranch Sale, TN
** September 9th - Combined Forces Vol 2 Sale, MO
** September 30th - B&B Cattle Co. Sale, TX
*  October 6th - Birks Genetics Sale, MO
** October 10th - Midwest Angus Coalition Bull Sale, MO
** December 1st - Country Christmas At Nashville Sale, TN



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